Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Show:

Excited to be playing on Nov 2nd at Warehouse Live with A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS & BLEEDING RAINBOW! Get tix at the link above, bring earplugs & sunglasses only if you are a wussy.
PS - some Austin shows coming soon <3

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Show:

Excited to be playing with Tamaryn AND Boy Friend.  Free show at Fitzgerald's on Nov 15th.  More details coming soon as well as info about a couple more shows.  Rad.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Enjoying our new practice space.  Change is good.  Some new shows being announced shortly, stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Free Shirts For Our Friends!

[the rules are at the bottom of this post]

Two years ago we decided to let anyone download our music for free, and I think that's one of the best decisions we've ever made. We also try to play as many free shows as we can, and on top of that, during our shows we've been giving away CD's and buttons for free. We do have a tip jar, in case you'd like to donate something, but we don't think you should feel obligated to give us cash. Take our stuff, it's yours. Now, in an attempt to reward all the beautiful people who support us, we want to go a step further, we want to give you our shirts for free, just for liking what we do.

The idea is simple, each month we are going to give away 2 t-shirts, to the first 2 people who find 5 people that like our music and have them "Like" our Facebook page.  So, let's say you're hanging out with a couple of  friends and you tell them about us, or better yet, play them some of our music or show them our videos, and they dig it and "Like" our Facebook page, and then you do the same the next weekend, and five or more of your friends end up Liking our Facebook page, you get a t-shirt. You probably already do that with any band that you really like, especially the ones that not many people know about, but we want to reward you just for doing that, because we think you're helping us tremendously. It may not feel that you're helping us, but we believe you are so much, that we're going to give you a t-shirt (and depending on what's going on at the time, you could get even more). Every time you Like our posts, every time you post our videos on your wall, every time you share our music with your friends, you're helping us. A lot. Finding 5 new supporters of our music is huge. 

We wish we could give you more, but we're still a broke bunch who have never made a dollar in profit with our music, so we can't go crazy. Giving away two shirts (which were not bought in bulk ) a month, adding even more to our expenses, is actually not easy for us, but we don't mind doing the sacrifice if we think it's worth it.

The Rules:
  1. Find 5 people or more who like our music, and have them Like our page (if they want, it's really not helpful for us if the people who Like our Facebook Page doesn't really like our music or don't want to Like our page).
  2. They must be people you find during the course of each month, so you have 30/31 days starting the 1st of every month.
  3. They can't be people who used to Like our page but Unliked at some point for some reason. They must be people who are Liking our page for the first time.
  4. After your 5 friends have Liked our page, write a list with their names and send it to thewatermarks@yahoo.com with the subject FREE SHIRTS for verification.
  5. The first two people who complete the previous steps every month will get a shirt.
  6. You can select from any of our t-shirts here: http://thewatermarks.spreadshirt.com/ 
Notice that you can change the t-shirt color and select your size after you click on the shirt model you want. So, if you want the 3rd shirt on the 1st row, which is pink, but you want it in purple, you just let us know!

That's it!

Thanks a lot for your support!

The Watermarks

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Free Press Summer Fest 2012 Tickets Contest.

Contest rules:

1. Post our new video, Run Away, on your Facebook timeline. (In case you don't know, here's the URL: http://youtu.be/qzmtZ0s4qtY).

2. Find 10 people who like our music, and have them Like our page (make sure they like our music, there's no point in asking someone who only listens to Tango to like our page).

3. Write the names for all the people you found who like our music on and Liked our page on a list, and send it to thewatermarks@yahoo.com. Make sure the subject on the e-mail says CONTEST.

4. The 2 people who send his/her list first, gets the tickets. 1 ticket each. We'd love to be able to get 2 tickets each, but we don't have more extra passes, we're using our own guest spots.

5. If by Friday 5PM two of you haven't found 10 people, just send the list for all the people you found. The 2 people that found the most new fans will get the tickets. If there's a draw, we'll decide who gets the tickets by throwing a coin, or a ruffle, or something. Whatever we decide, we'll make a video of it.

6. Emails received after 6PM on Friday don't qualify. You MUST send your email before 6PM.

That's it! Good luck!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

News, news, and more news!

It's been kinda quiet around here, but the band has been hard at work!

First off we are pleased to announce we are releasing a series of digital singles and mini EP's on a German label called AF-Music, leading up to a physical full length release.

The first in the series will be Run Away which includes 2 songs: Run Away and Empty Heart. It will be released on May 8th via iTunes and all that. Also watch our site for links to free downloads of the tunes & a video!

We're also very excited to be playing Free Press Summer Fest this year along with some truly stunning acts!

Also, be sure to visit our new Store for some radical new t-shirt designs.

More soon! <3

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We're still here...

click image to buy tix

Wow, didn't realize it'd been such a long time since our last post! We've been hard at work on some new songs and playing shows.

Here's an upcoming one we're super excited about! The Free Press Houston 9th Anniversary party at Fitzgerald's March 1st. Thrilled to be playing with Saul Williams and so many great Houston bands.